So why Obstinatio? Obstinatio the Latin word for determination. Determination, will and commitment is hallmarks of getting through the peaks and valleys in one’s life. That is what this movement is all about. Getting through it together.


So who are the people behind this movement? Like all of you, we’re just someone who has fallen down and gotten back up. It was in these experiences that we saw that there was this gap for people going through tough times. There are tens of thousands of self-help resources and a lot of them are great. Sometimes though we all need to know that we aren’t alone and that others are going through the same trials and with effort, and that they can run right over there issues. Make no mistake it won’t be easy and no one is claiming it will be but it can be done and you don’t have to do it alone.

This site is a place marker for a movement that is encompassing of the ideas mentioned above. It’s about not taking the easy road. It’s toughing it out when quitting is so easy.

We would like to formally invite all of you to share your stories of toughness and grit. We believe that people need to know that they can walk through a wall and your stories of these types of successes can touch so many people.


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