Don’t do as I do

Reflection and perspective


Don’t do as I do and I won’t say as I don’t do. That makes no sense but let me do some explaining.

I was wrong. I said a lot of things and some of them were spot on, some of them weren’t. I can’t go back in time and change them but what I can do, what we can all do is accept that we made an error in what we said and grow from it.
Being complicit in something and then chastising someone for the same thing is the definition of hypocritical. Yesterday I found myself playing just such a hypocrite and for that I was wrong. I wouldn’t take back anything that I did but I would take back what I said (Yes, that makes it worse but I don’t care).

The message wasn’t wrong but for me to be the one to deliver it was. Who am I to call the kettle black??? I’m obviously fixated on one particular comment but I’m sure I’ve done this so many times I couldn’t count that high. So here I am taking a stand publically and apologizing to those who witnessed me talking out of both sides of my mouth.

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