start swing away at that which hold you back. Stop settling


You are a fighter. You have the scars to prove it. Some people have suffered through things because they were too afraid or weak to take a stand. You have proven before that you are not one of those people.
Yet here we are. Sitting here while you cower on the sideline. You’re afraid of something. The silence is deafening. You ignore it or you change the subject. You certainly don’t talk about it. You aren’t happy and you can feel it. Others can see it.Indecision-Quote-300x168
You are holding your self back. Your fear of change is just going to keep you and those around you from moving forward. Maybe you feel loyal or you don’t want to hurt anyone. That isn’t a bad thing but it’s also not helping anyone. It doesn’t get easier. leaving a job, lover or friend behind isn’t always easy but sometimes it’s certainly necessary.
The buildup of resentment will lead to rough waters and if you think that will be fun or easy than I have a bridge to sell you. Decisiveness is needed in times like this. Times when most people waffle back and forth with inaction you will be better by your actions.
Things are just things and you can always get more. Stuff comes and goes like anything else. Those who have your back don’t care about your choice as long as it’s best for you. They don’t know your situation and they don’t have to walk in your shoes. Only you know what you need to do. So do it already.


It has been to long

Tonight I saw art imitate life.

Tonight I saw weakness.

Tonight I saw a limit and the lack thereof.

Tonight I saw sadness.

Tonight I saw disguised rage.

Tonight I saw broken.

Tonight I saw love and tonight I saw strength.

Tonight I saw and It was painful and beautiful and sad. I saw how high is high and how low is low. I saw how a thing could be and I saw how a thing is. It may not have been the first time and god willing it won’t be the last. It may, however, be one of only a handful of times I will have seen, heard and felt something artificial feel so real.

That is the question to your answer

Are you living the dream? I bet some of you are and you don’t even know it. For others of you, you maybe are just dreaming while you live. You’re just going through the motions of your earthly existence. You are sitting still hoping your bank account grows fatter and your state of mind shifts from pessimism to optimism.
Who can you blame? We are all adults and fully aware that life is hard enough. We could all do without having to take responsibility for ourselves. It’s possible that some of you have it all together that this is all foreign to you. If that’s the case then you can skip the rest of the post because we are only going further down the rabbit hole.
So what if you are in between and you think you have it all together but you aren’t entirely happy like something is missing? You have the perfect job (you think), you have a loving spouse (you think). If you have kids you believe that you are bringing them up the best you can. You spend time with them and they agree. You have hobbies and have a great way to escape the repetitiveness of daily life.
This is a blog about questions as much as answers so let’s ask some of those questions? Let’s start with your job, career, work or whatever it is you call it. Do you look forward to Mondays? Do you feel like you are satisfied on an emotional level? Maybe you make a good salary but is it truly worth it when you look forward to doing this for years or decades to come?
Let’s shift gears and chat or just question our friendships. Are you happy with your social circle? Do you have friends that positive influence that bring you up and that are there 5826473968_b31f5ef286_ofor you when you need them? Do you spend most of your time listening to them complain? Is it all one sided where there’s a lot of giving but no taking?
Hows that relationship treating you? Do you have a partner for life? Would they take a bullet for you, would you for them? Do they make you smile and do you miss them when they’re gone? When you lay down at night when you are alone with your thoughts are you in love or are you in love with not being alone?
This all sounds like we are talking in extremes and are cognizant that life doesn’t work that way. Some days will be harder than others no matter how ideal the situation is. We are talking about this in the broader sense. So the thing to ponder here isn’t all the questions and how we didn’ t give you answers. No, the thing to ponder is how we gave you a bunch of questions you didn’t want to ask and most likely already knew the answer too.