Live Happier Today!

Ramblings of Someone Not Satisfied


There’s something better. You wake up and maybe you are happy, maybe your not or maybe you are neither. You are focused on your routine and possibly the upcoming day, week or weekend. You’ll daydream today about a life that looks a better than the one you are living today. We all know there is more than an ounce of truth in this.

So what you ask. Why should it matter what you dream about because you can’t do anything about your current circumstances anyways? You have responsibilities and people who are relying on your picking a life that is less than your dreams. There is no way you could possibly squeeze something into your already full schedule.

We agree! Happiness, fulfillment and achieving one’s dreams are not for everyone. You’ve obviously picked a side and who are we to assume that you have the capacity to change anything. Shoot, maybe you are perfectly content living the second or third place dream.

For everyone else know this, it is never too late to start. There are all kinds of stories about people who have started to follow a dream later in life. There was an interview that Kevin Smith in which he talked about his rise from working in a convenience store to becoming a huge Hollywood filmmaker. He said to fill your life with people who as “why not?” and not “why”. When you say I want to do this crazy thing and I want you to come with me the people should support you and “Hell yeah I’ll go do this crazy thing with you. Why not”.

Proof it’s never too late!!!!

No matter how bad it is or even if it’s not bad and just isn’t living up to all your expectations you need to know that when you go to bed tonight the sun is going to rise tomorrow and life is going to go on. Are you going to waste that time being content or are you going to take a single step towards something different? Are you going to choose you today? Like the claws of a cat, the tools are there hidden inside you waiting to be brought to bare. Let them see the light of day. Dig into something, even if it’s in small bits it’s still more than you have done in a long time.

Small progress is progress!!

From us 2 you!

Never said enough

Sometimes we get frustrated – Thank you for helping

Sometimes we can feel defeated – Thank you for not letting me give up

We question our choices – Thank you for your opinion

We get sick – Thank you for helping us get well

At times we come up short – Thank you for giving

Yeah, life is hard but thank you for being part of ours!!!


We know the road is hard for each and every one of us. Sometimes the most unlikely things and people are the things that are the hardest to bare and the most uplifting. To all those people who do what you do just because thank you. So many of you are selfless and caring and nobody acknowledges your efforts. We may not say it often but it doesn’t go totally unnoticed. You are appreciated.



Change happens with or without you

You can easily forget the things that got you here. like the sands of time, we quickly dismiss all of the activities and goodwill that was built up to help bring us success or failure. We are not always true to our commitments to stay the course and we are just as likely to stick with what isn’t working because we’ve been doing it so long that we don’t remember anything different. Neither is healthy by the way.

We need to keep learning and as such, we need to always be looking at how we can innovate, change or modify our patterns and behaviors. We need to not only accept change but embrace it. Someone isn’t always going to be there to pick you up when you fall. You’ll need to learn the skills necessary to get up on your own. Imagine this, how secure is your job really??? could it be replaced tomorrow by a computer or a robot? Don’t think it can happen? Truck driving is the most common profession in the US but as of the moment I’m typing this they are testing self-driving semi trucks. So what are all those drivers doing now to brace for this change? Again, what are you doing?

Creative and critical thinking are things so many people just can’t do anymore. It’s so much easier to have others just tell us what we need to do. Well, heres a news flash. What they think is good and what’s actually good are most likely not the same thing. But like you, we are all just as guilty of stumbling down that path. Today, we take a metaphorical cold shower and snap out of our rut. Today we will shift gears and get back to the task at hand. You have time, we all have time but time passes quickly and is finite. Like real estate, they aren’t making any more of it and you will only get so much before it’s too late. So if it’s a job change, a housing move or getting you back to school you’ll need to get going. You will have no one to blame but yourself if you don’t get on it.