It’s not OK

It’s time we dig ourselves out of this rut!!!


It’s not ok to accept unhappiness and defeat. It’s not ok to wake up without purpose, motivation, and something to look forward too. It’s just not ok. In the middle of the storm, it can be so hard to see that the sun is shining somewhere else. We invest so much into our careers, school, friends, and relationships that the thought of change is paralyzing. The thought of all you have invested not being there is a chilling one. But in our hearts, we know that not making a change isn’t how we want to live the rest of our lives. Personally, I have so many dreams, goals, and ambitions that have never been achieved. Far too often I wake up and forget that I have a choice just as you do. We can get busy living in the rut we created or we can get busy digging our way out.

What about all the things you’ve built or achieved in your current endeavors? You may not be happy but you can’t just throw in the towel, can you? There may be a few ways to look at this. Are you really losing anything? All that experience will still be with you no matter what you do. Memories don’t disappear just because you move on. You may not have a corner office but you also may not wake up dreading your day either. No matter what we choose to do there will be challenges and I’m not talking about giving up when it gets hard. That might be the best time to double down but when you look in the mirror we both know that being challenged and being unhappy is not the same.

If you are at the point where you know there only one direction for you to go make damn sure you take it. Don’t accept the pain, misery or sadness of settling. We only get one chance on this planet and every day you don’t at least push toward your dream is a day lost. Whether you are 15, 45 or 75 you still have days that are precious in the tank. Let’s not let them go to waste.

Don’t do as I do

Reflection and perspective

Don’t do as I do and I won’t say as I don’t do. That makes no sense but let me do some explaining.

I was wrong. I said a lot of things and some of them were spot on, some of them weren’t. I can’t go back in time and change them but what I can do, what we can all do is accept that we made an error in what we said and grow from it.
Being complicit in something and then chastising someone for the same thing is the definition of hypocritical. Yesterday I found myself playing just such a hypocrite and for that I was wrong. I wouldn’t take back anything that I did but I would take back what I said (Yes, that makes it worse but I don’t care).

The message wasn’t wrong but for me to be the one to deliver it was. Who am I to call the kettle black??? I’m obviously fixated on one particular comment but I’m sure I’ve done this so many times I couldn’t count that high. So here I am taking a stand publically and apologizing to those who witnessed me talking out of both sides of my mouth.

A little can go a long way

We all have our personal causes that we champion. For some of us it’s cancer and for others it’s autism. I have had the unfortunate experience in life watch many around me battle heart disease in one form or another for what seems like my entire life. So If you can show your support it would be appreciated as this event showcased below is directly involving those close to me. Large donations would obviously be the most helpful but anything you can part with still advances the cause. If you can’t give anything which many of us can’t then just a comment or a like would still mean a lot.


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