Something old and something new

Oops, you broke it. Now it’s time for a new one.

With a new sense of vigor, I have embarked on a new journey. This is a new path with minimal risk and minimal reward. It is a path with something more important. It is an outlet for creativity and competition both internally and externally. The same old drudgery day in and day out isn’t suitable for humans. We like consistency and stability but contrary to safe havens we need change and disruption. Allowing bad habits to form and negative emotions to set in.

We all need a break from normal. Don’t feel like a new venture then tries a new adventure. Yes, you all see what I did there but in all seriousness, it still serves the same purpose. It breaks the cycle of everyday feeling like there is nothing to look forward too. We simply can’t allow this to be our state of mind.

So together we stand united in being a little be different, a little bit more bold and a little bit more willing to accept a break from the reality of your day to day.

Right back to where we started from.

Better late than never


It’s only been a long time since we posted if you have been holding your breath. While pressing forward on this journey through life we came to a crossroad and there was a decision that a change of priorities was needed. We do what we need to when we need to do it. Now that time has passed and we are getting back in the saddle.

Did we miss it? Every damn day as we would have things pass by that we wanted to touch on but didn’t.

So with the passing of winter and the coming of summer, we are reminded of the coming opportunities we all have in front of us. Let’s all make a commitment to live the upcoming months as if they are the last. Make more friends, smile more often and laugh at ourselves whenever we have the chance. Let’s agree to let go of that and those that don’t’ help us grow.

More posts coming more often again!

Walks like a….

Be different today!

If it walks like a …. and it talks like a …… it must be a …… If that’s the case then wouldn’t it make sense that you do the things and say the things that you would want others to see you as? If you want others to see you as someone who is ambitious, motivated or kind then you must walk the walk.

When you walk out the door today will you begin to walk like the duck you want to be or will you fall into the status quo and continue to do the same old thing again and again? Millions of people are going to wake up today and daydream about all the different things they want to accomplish but one thing they all have in common is that they won’t do any of those things. You can be different, though. all you have to do is an act. Any action at all will put you ahead of the masses.

So the homework for today is do something, anything that will start to make you smarter, happier, faster or stronger.


We are so grateful so many of you have taken time out of your day when you could have done anything else to read yet another post about walking the walk. Whether you are a first timer or have been here before, you are all special to us. Nothing would make us happier than you helping us spread our presence on the web by following us and sharing it with someone else. We also post different info and ramblings on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram so follow us there too.